Miegs ir overrated

Miegs ir overrated (en. sleep is overratedcollection is about the things you choose or do in exchange for fewer hours of sleep.

And do not even start about the importance of sleep. I am a huge fan of sleep. But then some ideas or events keep you with your eyes wide open. For example, you have downloaded a new game. You met a new awesome person, and now you are texting till 3. a.m. New episodes from favourite shows just arrived on Netflix. So how is your sleep now? It is overrated.

To be precise – the idea behind the collection started years ago, as you can guess – while working late. I don’t remember exact facts (facts are meaningless anyway), but we were chatting with a friend and highly talented designer, Janis Uzraugs, about current and following design projects. From joke to joke and quote miegs ir overrated (en. sleep is overrated) was born. First, there was a black glitch wallpaper with a quote. Then shirts and hoodies were made. And we tend to exaggerate all other things as well. For example, underwear is overrated on hot summer days. And now, this collection features ideas that keep you awake at night – #miegsiroverrated

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